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Ashley likes to refer to herself as a “recovering entrepreneur” after having spent the last nine years working in the startup space, both as a founder and as her last company’s first hire after the CEO. She launched her first business, a digital media company, without having any idea what she was getting herself into, or having any idea of how to get a business off the ground. Over the next 3 years, she entered MassChallenge, hired a team of writers, and launched a series of events across Boston.

Two years and some change later, Ashley was recruited to co-lead a startup called The Welcoming Committee, a national events and travel company, where she helped grow a Boston-based community of 2,000 people into a membership base of 35,000 across ten cities. 12 employees, 300+ annual events, and a one million dollar investment raise later, she stepped away from the company to join the team at Babson's Center for Women's Entrepreneurial Leadership.

Now serving as the Marketing Director at Babson College’s WIN Lab, a five-month accelerator program designed specifically for growth-stage women entrepreneurs, Ashley has the opportunity to help other women scale their businesses and build a network that will help them achieve their goals. She began understanding the importance of supporting female founders after she received her MBA and began navigating the challenging landscape of accelerators and fundraising in Boston. Now, her passion in guiding female founders towards success only continues to build as she works with hundreds of women CEOs, mentors, and investors in both Boston and Miami.