Post Card Challenge.

Card writing is a lost art. When's the last time you got a note in the mail from someone you care about that wasn't asking you to show up and bring a gift? I'm not knocking weddings and babies, I'm actually a kickass officiant and excellent mobile maker, tbh. But as the glue begins to harden between our hands and our mobile devices there seems to be a tendency to tuck the pen and paper away,. (According to BBC, some kids are struggling to write in non-text-speak.)

As a way to pick off three of my MUST list items (drawing, writing, and relationship building), and to encourage a reconnection with my copious writing instruments, I have developed the 15-day post card challenge. For the next 15 days I shall create, write, and send a postcard. Magic. You can even follow along here.

It's gonna be rough. The terrain rocky and unwieldy at times. But I'm going to persevere. And in the process, I'm hoping to bring a few smiles to a handful of people. Some of the cards can be seen below. Viola! 

(Want a postcard? Go here. You might even win a unicorn.)

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