Permission to Dream.

Each day I conjure up something delicious to grasp onto that will surely set my heart on fire; like one of those cotton candy sunsets that, once faded, you're sure your imagination must have made up.

I joke somedays, when I sit down with my friends. "Wanna hear what today's dream is?" That mantra is typically met with a giggle and a smile and I tell them what new adventure is on the list. Luckily, at the age of 32, I've gotten to know myself well enough to recognize that the dream changes fairly often and, it is only by recognizing the common themes, that I can start to unwrap what it really is that I want.

Here's the problem with dreaming - in order for it to become reality, you have to go for it. And while I can talk all I want, sometimes chasing after that dream is a bit daunting. Not in the way you might expect - I'm fairly risk adverse, am lucky enough to not have many attachments (other than my cat Moose), and usually feel pretty confident that I can master whatever it is that I set my mind to. For me, it's about perception. Perception that I'm quitting. That I'm giving up to do something easier. That I'm chasing an unattainable dream. That I'm foolish, outlandish, silly, and, dare I say it, compromising a fruitful future.

But I need no one's permission. And while I have almost no idea of what I want to do next, I would rather be the person who took a shot and fell on their face, then the person behind the desk watching, and waiting, to see what happens next.

Ashley LucasComment