Finding Your Fairy Godmother.

Spending five years as an entrepreneur and startup fanatic, there was one lesson that I learned rather quickly. You have to be comfortable hearing the word "no".

People love to tell you why your idea isn't going to work. Why you're going to fail. Why you might as well quit while you're ahead and save your time and money. And those sentiments aren't usually served with ill intentions. In fact, quite the opposite. Your friends, family, colleagues, mentors, and significant others don't want to see you get hurt. They don't want you to fail. So, as the days move along, and you emphatically pronounce your grand plans for world domination, be prepared to hear "no". A lot.

And then go find your fairy godmother.

Fairy Godmothers are your cheerleaders. They're the ones who support your daily dreams and decisions and tell you that you're going to succeed. Now, I am not advocating that you surround yourself with only those people who will tell you the things you want to hear. But on those days where the dreams seem to be fading, and you doubt yourself and your ability to make them really come true, call up your fairy godmother and tell her what's going on. Even if you switch courses. Even if the ship takes a bit longer to set sail. Your fairy godmother will be there to tell you that you can accomplish whatever you're yearning for and to remind you that you can never give up on the things that really matter.

I have a pair of fairy godmothers. And this life certainly wouldn't be the same without two beautiful people to dream with.

Ashley LucasComment