Cotton Candy Clouds & Confectionary Wonderlands.


As the sun peaked up over the New Hampshire mountains you could see the glow of pink and blue underneath the clouds. Cotton candy sunrises are not uncommon here but this morning the sky seemed to radiate with particularly warm hues. After investigating the entire skyline from the comfort of my farmhouse window, I became convinced that Willy Wonka built a secret room like this towards the sky in that factory of his.

With the cold of last night came a dusting of snow. I slowly emerged from my doorway, cup of steaming hot coffee in hand, to see a powdered sugar wonderland. Across the candy-coated scenery you could see the bakery in full swing. Heads poking up in the windows as pounds of flour were being poured into heavy mixers, diligently awaiting for their turn to help in the creation of edible masterpieces. Standing between myself and the bakery was Anton, whom I think of as the patriarch of Orchard Hill. Already powered up, Anton was operating a small tractor to push aside the sugary snow in order to ensure that bakery patrons might more easily delight in the warmth of the oven and it's freshly baked bread.

Today is my first day off from the bakery where I'm staying situated at the farm. Tucked away at a little desk that overlooks a strong oak tree and it's rope-swing companion, I'm determined to steal a few moments in between gigs. Life is as busy here as the company is kind and each day I am reminded of how much beauty is hiding in small dusty corners, if we would simply remind ourselves to stop and peek around them from time to time.


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