The Farmhouse.

The farmhouse stands in the middle of it all, or perhaps just in the middle of my universe here at Orchard Hill. Fire engine red walls house the interior of a building that was constructed almost exclusively for community. Or so I've decided.

If I stay here long enough I imagine my life as a time lapse video with streams of people coming in and out for pot luck dinners, yoga classes, homeschool programs, and the occasional viewing of a documentary. Dogs and cats find a way to coexist here, children can be found screaming around the snow-covered apple orchards like only five year olds know how, and the house continues to stand quietly, patiently, with a hint of a smile every time a new traveler places their feet down on the welcome mat. 

For the time being, I feel at home here. Grateful for the new voices that fill the farmhouse each day and for the quiet pre-sunrise mornings where the ticking of the old, faded, clock is the only sound that echoes through the house.


Ashley LucasComment