The Danish.

Snapdragon was everything I had imagined. Four women behind the counter and kitchen, drenched in both smiles and sweat, never missing a beat when a customer walked in and requested their newest treat in the rotating selection of baked goods. Heaping chocolate cupcakes, rhubarb cinnamon rolls, danishes decadently topped with local blackberries, peaches and a dollop of cream, no doubt from the creamery just down the way. Quickly asking for a recommendation, the dark haired woman with eye makeup resembling a 50s pinup girl, pulled a danish from the tall wooden shelves and carefully placed it on a simple clay white plate. "This is my favorite," she said.

Taking my winnings to the back of the cafe I discovered an outdoor patio, where I put all of my attention into experiencing the soft flaky dough sprinkled in sugar and covered in natural fruit sweetness. Once finished, as any reasonable and diligent vacationer would have, I licked my fingers and promptly went back and ordered a second.

Ashley LucasComment